THE 50 POETS SELECTED BY Maggie Smith-Beehler - the remarkable American poet and author of the book Good Bones - one of the surest of 2017 - for the 2018 BEST NEW BRITISH AND IRISH POETS anthology (3rd year running) from Eyewear Publishing. To be launched in April 2018. In the end, our judge had to select 50 poets/poems from a much larger pool of talent. Below is a list of the 50 poets selected, and their poem titles. In alphabetic order. Congratulations to them all. Eligibility is as follows: you must not have published, or signed a contract to publish a full poetry collection by time of submission; you must be resident in either Ireland, NI, or the UK; or hold a British or Irish passport, or both. You can be for example, an American student living in Dublin, or an Irish poet working in Mumbai. Should a place come free, we will include those poets who were selected as in the immediately consecutive group in terms of ranking (51, 52, 53...). Thank you again for your involvement in this anthology. 1. Alexandra Strnad: The Eyemouth Tapestry 2. Alice Kinsella: Boy Next Door 3. Alycia Pirmohamed: Elegy on Loop 4. Andy Daniell: Repertory 5. Anne Cousins: Brooch 6. Audrey Molloy: Symphony of Skin 7. Breda Spaight: My Mother’s Will 8. Carina Hart: Change Management with Noah 9. Caroline Boreham: Helicopter 10. Caroline Hardaker: A Hermit Crab Makes His Home Inside a Doll’s Head 11. Christian Wethered: Lethe 12. Cian Murphy: At the Clinic 13. Colin Hassard: Flowers 14. Cynthia Miller: Aubade with Court Ruling 15. David McCarthy: “A Denser Dark” 16. Dominic Hand: Night Crossing 17. Eamon Mc Guinness: That’s My Body 18. Emily Holt: Interfaced 19. Evan Costigan: Winter Picnic 20. Fiona Cartwright: Whalelight 21. Fiona Larkin: Narcissus Consults Google Maps 22. Geraldine Clarkson: Inisnee 23. Hannah Copley: Ten Thousand 24. Jack Warren: Still Life with Plastic Carrier Bag 25. James Finnegan: Flood 26. James White: Astrobiology 27. Joe Caldwell: Bright Idea 28. Joe Carrick-Varty: Bicycle 29. Jonathan Totman: Explosives Licence 30. Julie Irigaray: Tales of the Woodcock 31. Kate Arthur: Tree 32. Kerry Priest: The Unexpected Side Benefits of a Slow and Painful Premature Death 33. Lenni Sanders: Nye 34. M. J. Arlett: Wake 35. Mariah Whelan: Hefted 36. Mary Jean Chan: // 37. Michael Dooley: Anathema 38. Michael Ray: Zest 39. Nicola DALY: The Skin Boutique 40. O. Mayeux: Vessel 41. Patrick Wright: The End 42. Paul McMahon: The Pups in the Boghole 43. Reiss McGuinness: The Silent Treatment 44. Rosamund Taylor: Death’s-Head Hawkmoth 45. Sarah Stutt: Letatlin 46. Sarah Wallis: The World Stands Still to Weep 47. Shannon Kelly: Bucharest, 1989 48. Shauna Robertson: Ginger 49. Shirley Gorby: Visiting the Seamstress 50. Susan Watson: Paul and Clara Walk Beside the Trent
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