• Eyewear Publishing LTD Acquires Long-Awaited Second Poetry Collection by Alice Anderson 

    February 3—LONDON—Eyewear Publishing LTD is pleased to announce the acquisition of THE WATERMARK, a new poetry collection by Alice Anderson, author of Human Nature (NYU Press, 1994) and of the forthcoming memoir Some Bright Morning, I’ll Fly Away (St. Martin’s Press).

    Publisher’s Weekly said in its starred review of Human Nature, Anderson's life force is implicit in the language throughout these poems, objective, exact, charged with an emotional force given only to those who have been to hell and returned to tell the tale.” Cheryl Strayed, author of Wild, said “Anderson's honesty will take your breath away. She has the courage to tell her heart's deepest, darkest truths while never compromising on the poet's craft. Anderson's poems are rigorous and right.” 

    In THE WATERMARK, readers can expect more exceptional craft, disturbing narratives, and new surprises from this wholly original, fearless voice as she charts scars ranging from the post-hurricane Katrina days to losses close to the family and home.

    THE WATERMARK will be published in October 2016, and will be published in the UK and US simultaneously, distributed in the United Kingdom by Central Books and in the United States by Small Press Distribution.

    To reserve advanced reader copies, contact Eyewear Publishing LTD.

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