August 05, 2018


I apologise to the Eyewear team and authors for having sent a series of angry and anxious tweets on July 19. While I sought to obfuscate, and quickly deleted them, the damage was done.

Some Eyewear poets felt I had abandoned them or singled them out in these messages, which I regret, because over the past six years I have worked hard to bring their books into print, while facing the extreme pressures of running a small business without any government funding.

The buck stops here. I take full responsibility; there are no excuses for these tweets. Yet behind them are the twin facts of, one, my passionate belief in a Louis Dudek model of small press publishing; and, two, a world I find, like many others today, anxiety-provoking and unstable, exacerbating my health issues.

I am reaching out privately to those most concerned and trying to make amends. I will step down from the use of all social media. It is time to heal and grow.

As a Catholic I believe in sin, and the forgiveness of sins. I have apologised and hope this apology will resonate with any others who were disconsolate because of my words.

I pray I can keep Eyewear alive and kicking. I am proud to be a fighter for literature in dark times. But I have work to do, to become a better person. Thankfully, I am not alone in that challenge.

Sincerely, Dr Todd Swift

Director, Eyewear Publishing Limited

London, UK

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