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Announcing the 50 winners of The Best New British and Irish Poets 2017

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7 October--London 

Eyewear Publishing LTD is delighted to announce the 50 poets and poems selected by Luke Kennard for inclusion in THE BEST NEW BRITISH AND IRISH POETS 2017 anthology, due for publication in March of 2017. Poets of any age who had not yet published a full-length collection of poems and who were resident in the UK or Ireland (or who were UK or Irish passport holders living abroad) were eligible to compete. Dr. Kennard considered all submissions anonymously. We had an extraordinarily strong group of submissions for this year’s anthology, and we at Eyewear wish to thank all the poets who allowed us to consider their work. 

The final 50 poets and poems are, in no particular order, as follows:


EDWARD DOEGAR for ‘Voyeurism’

ANNA KISBY for ‘Late Home After Latin’

LUKE SMITH for ‘Artmaking for Young Men’

HARRIET CREELMAN for ‘A chaotic spray-effect print of tip-ex on a school bag’


EMMA MUST for ‘Notes on the Use of the Austrian Scythe’

RACHEL PIERCEY for ‘An Overblown Poem About Love’

SUSANNAH DICKEY for ‘Jellyfish Parents’


MAJELLA KELLY for ‘Anadromous Vocabulary’

ANTONY HUEN for ‘The Houses’

JODY PORTER for ‘Look’

JACK NICHOLLS for ‘The Dolphin Sings a Lovesong’

LAUREN POPE for ‘Miscarriage’

ANDREW GILES for ‘Francis Bacon, ‘Study of a Bull’ (1991)’

SAMUEL PRINCE for ‘The Man From Cooma’

CHARLIE BAYLIS for ‘from Fifty shades of Prufrock’

EMMA DANES for ‘Different Woods’

PAUL ASTA for ‘Apiarist's Chest’

NIALL BOURKE for ‘Marbletown’

CAROLYN WAUDBY for ‘Dali's Rose’

ADELE FRASER for ‘Autistic Girl in Home Economics Class’

JO BURNS for ‘Places Your Children Should Never See’

ALAN BUCKLEY for ‘Miracle’

MATTHEW PAUL for ‘Duckwalking in West Berlin’

CHARLOTTE EICHLER for 'At Mirror Lake'

ELAINE COSGROVE for ‘Firemen Waiting’

DANIELLA MORITZ for ‘I am the handmaid’

KATE WISE for ‘Death comes asking’


MAEVE HENRY for ‘Blood Lines’

PAUL NASH for ‘Migrant in Dagenham Park Alley’

SIMON MIDDLETON for ‘Love Note to a Donor Father’

DEBORAH TURNBULL for ‘Foundling’


JAYNE STANTON for ‘Unreserved Coach B’

SARAH SIBLEY for ‘Lone Man Stories’

ROBIN HOUGHTON for ‘She Discovered the Internet’

JOHN MCGHEE for 'Superkafka and Its Impact on Industrial Relations'

KEN EVANS for ‘Playing Dead’

DANIEL BENNETT for ‘Monsoon’

JESSICA MOOKHERJEE for ‘Vernal Equinox’

RICHARD O’BRIEN for ‘Hammam’

JAMES PEAKE for ‘The Middle Places’

SAMANTHA RODEN for ‘Shove Your Tissues’

SIMON COLLINGS for ‘The Apartment’


JOE LINES for ‘It Talks’

JENNA CLAKE for ‘Girls in Cars’

MATTHEW RICE for ‘At the Lights’




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