EYEWEAR PUBLISHING has secured the rights to publish a pamphlet, then book, of poems, as well as online performances and videos, from multi-talented rising British star, Khariis Ubiaro.

    Eyewear has acquired rights to publish simultaneously in the UK, Ireland and USA, and the books will be available worldwide from Eyewear’s website and trans-Atlantic distributors.

    Khariis Ubiaro, born in London in 1998, is a renaissance talent - as actor, dancer, singer, poet, and model. His poetry is mythic, personal, political, and ultimately addresses issues of identity, race, youth and music culture, and life's challenges, with passion, humour, and integrity.

    We are proud to bring this work to a wider public.

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    • Slow Reader says...

      This is astonishing news and so very wonderful!
      Here in the United States, our current President is determined to disadvantage, marginalize and dehumanize persons of color, persons of non-heterosexual identity, and persons who live in impoverished circumstances.
      Trump is also determined to legitimize and empower the white supremacy movement.
      Publishing young and brilliant artists like Khariis Ubiaro is a powerful act of protest and resistance by Eyewear, for which we American readers are ever so grateful.

      August 14, 2017

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