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Eyewear is republishing the classic book by Colin Wilson, Eagles & Earwigs - his book of existential criticism about writing and the search to become godlike. Wilson, one of Stephen King's favourite writers, recently inspired King's titling of his new occult thriller, The Outsider. This new edition, back in handsome 412-page hardcover print for the first time in 40 years has been annotated by Wilson expert Colin Stanley, and has an enlightening preface by Gary Lachman, famed author and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer as former Blondie member Gary Valentine!

It will be out October 1 and launched in London October 24th. 

In this essay collection of existential criticism – reprinted here in a newly-edited edition for the first time in over 40 years – Colin Wilson makes the compelling case for the pivotal role played by the literary imagination in the human spirit’s development towards the ultimate evolutionary goal: to become like gods. His search for visionary writers has taken him through some intriguing literary by-ways: the work of the strange genius David Lindsay, author of A Voyage to Arcturus, to the long-neglected L. H. Myers, to the increasingly popular and controversial thinker Ayn Rand.

Wilson has the mind of a polymath, the heart of a poet, and the soul of a visionary. In the tradition of The Outsider and The Occult, this inspired collection is further evidence of Colin Wilson as a sui generis author. Each piece is a multifaceted gem. It is writing rich in anecdotes of lives lived in full brilliance and commitment to the act of creation. Eagles and Earwigs will leave you in awe of the sheer magic and intensity of the lives of writers who have lived in deep resonance with literature, the arts and the poetic truth of being.

Colin Wilson was born in the East Midlands city of Leicester in 1931. After the phenomenal success of his first book The Outsider in 1956, he moved to Cornwall where he pursued a successful career as a writer, producing over 150 titles in fifty-five years. Essentially an existentialist philosopher, he has also written on crime, psychology, sex, the occult, literature, music, unexplained phenomena, history, pre-history and over 20 novels in various genres. He died in December 2013.

Gary Lachman is the author of several books on the meeting ground between consciousness, culture and the western esoteric tradition including Jung the Mystic: the Esoteric Dimensions of Carl Jung’s Life and Teachings; The Secret History of Consciousness; The Caretakers of the Cosmos and many others. In 2016 his Beyond the Robot: the Life and Work of Colin Wilson was published. As Gary Valentine he was a founding member of the rock group Blondie and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2006.

Colin Stanley was born in Topsham, Devon in 1952 and educated at the Exmouth School. Beginning in 1970, he worked for Devon Library Services, studying for two years in London, before moving to Nottingham where he worked for the University of Nottingham until 2005. The Managing Editor of Paupers’ Press, he is also the author and editor of several books about Colin Wilson including An Evolutionary Leap: Colin Wilson and Psychology and Around the Outsider, a festschrift for the author’s 80th birthday. His collection of Wilson’s work now forms The Colin Wilson Collection at the University of Nottingham, an archive opened in 2011 and which now contains many of the author’s manuscripts and papers.

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Rob Lowe
Rob Lowe

September 21, 2018

Not my childhood, environment, ethnicity or gender made me the person I am, and continue to become; but reading Colin Wilson’s “Religion and the Rebel” in 1958. It was reviewed by Kenneth Allsop in the Daily Mail. I am grateful; it was life-changing. I hope there will eventually be a “Collected Works” of this author.

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