Longlist Announcement: The 2019 International Beverly Prize for Literature

January 14, 2020 2 Comments

Longlist Announcement: The 2019 International Beverly Prize for Literature

Longlist Announced!

Congratulations to the the following authors, who have been longlisted in our 2019 International Beverly Prize for Literature competition for their work:

Cristina Baptista - Paradise of the Fake Soldiers (Poetry)
Sascha Bercovitch - Futebol or Nada (Narrative nonfiction)
Colin Brezicki - The Crooked Rose and Other Stories (Short Story Collection)

Carmen Bugan – Life Without A Country (Nonfiction)

April Bulmer - Year Of The Dog: A Poet’s Journal (Poetry Memoir)
James Roderick Burns - Beastly Transparencies (Short Story Collection)
Efrosini Camatsos - The Duct-Tape Diary (Fiction)
Ann Chamberlin - Turtles All the Way Down (Fiction)
Annie Christain - The Vanguards of Holography (Poetry)
Patrick Cole - The Story of Edouard Rives (Fiction)
Helene Demetriades - Blown to Wonder (Poetry)
Jaydn DeWald - ALONE TOGETHER: poems / prose (Poetry / Prose)
K. Eltinaé - Tirhal (Poetry)

C.W Emerson - Luminous Body, Glittering Ash (Poetry)

Francis Flavin - The Muse in a Time of Madness (Fiction)

Dean Gessie - No Mercy Rule (Short Story Collection)

Theo Greenblatt - Storage and Salvage (Memoir)

Carolyn Guinzio - (A) V(ERTIGO BOOK) (Poetry)

Mary-Jane Holmes - Set a Crow to Catch a Crow (Micro/Flash Fiction)

Alta Ifland - Speaking to No. 4 (Fiction)
Jennifer Lewis - The New Low (Short Story Collection)
Karen Mulhallen - The Scent of Spring, Elegies Out of Season (Poetry)
Jeff Nottingham - Jasper’s Brood (Fiction)
Michael Orbach - The Last Jews of Long Island (Short Story Collection)
Holly Painter - At last, we listen closely: cryptic crossword poems (Poetry)
Sue Proffitt - The Lock-Picker (Poetry)
Ron Puckering - Conspiracy to Kill (Fiction)
Gerald Vinestock - Olga (Fiction)
Burton Shulman - Long Wars (Fiction)

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February 17, 2020

Congratulations Carmen Bugan, whose work regarding the power of languages to connect us to one another and extend (or erode) human decency in tumultuous times is so timely right now.

I. B. Iskov
I. B. Iskov

January 22, 2020

Congratulations to one of my most favourite poets and people – April Bulmer.
April has won and judged many poetry contests with the Ontario Poetry Society, of which I am the Founder. She is most deserving of this distinction.

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