October 04, 2018


Happy national poetry day to all our British poets and readers!

To celebrate, we placed a two page ad in the (anti-Brexit, pro-immigration) New Statesman out today, which celebrates Eyewear's range of poetry collections published since 2012 - do check it out. We were also very pleased to see reviews of three recent books by our poets out in the latest Poetry London - more on that soon.

Poets sometimes feel divided from each other, or society, or the violent politics of this age, and there are so many contending views ricocheting these days, it sometimes feels a bit atomised and overwhelming, but there is common ground - every poet (and poetry lover) believes the world is a better place for having poetry in it (even if they don't like all the poems) - and all poets and poetry readers value the significance of language in shaping how we experience the world.

Taken together, these form a pretty solid basis for mutual dialogue and sharing - let's build on that, today, and every day.

We're just proud to have helped foster so many great poetry books into being - at last count over 60 pamphlets, and over 50 full collections, as well as anthologies. We're doing our best to keep important and powerful poetry in the world. Meanwhile, the image for this post refers to a long-ago anthology from 2003, from Salt, itself a vital indie press. Poetry can and does make a difference.

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