Shortlist Announcement: The 2019 International Beverly Prize for Literature

February 26, 2020

Shortlist Announcement: The 2019 International Beverly Prize for Literature

Shortlist Announced!

A huge congratulations to the authors, who have been shortlisted in our 2019 International Beverly Prize for Literature competition for their work (more to be announced soon!):

Cristina Baptista - Paradise of the Fake Soldiers (Poetry)

First-generation Portuguese-American poet and author of The Drowning Book (Finishing Line Press 2017).

Paradise of the Fake Soldiers takes familiar notions of  interactions between men and women, human and serpent, mankind and God and reclaims them for a contemporary world where evasion is common, ghosting is standard, and disappointment is ubiquitous.


Sascha Bercovitch - Futebol or Nada (Narrative nonfiction)

With the support of Harvard's Trustman Fellowship, this author spent five years living in Complexo da Maré, the largest group of favelas in Rio de Janeiro and the setting of his book.

Based on years of first-hand research in Complexo da Maré, one of Rio de Janeiro's most violent and impoverished favelas, Futebol or Nada tells the story of a team of local adolescent soccer players and their charismatic coach, Glaucio, in their quest to win the citywide championship.


Colin Brezicki - The Crooked Rose and Other Stories (Short Story Collection)
Author of two published novels, A Case for Dr. Palindrome (2017) and All That Remains (2018).
The Crooked Rose follows a pediatrician discovers a new bond in the ashes of his mother; an English teacher realizes that plays like Hamlet can be a health hazard; a writer agreeing to finish the manuscript of a deceased friend encounters unnerving setbacks along the way; an elderly woman’s epiphany at the ruins of Urquhart Castle prompts her to break free from the conventions that have constricted her life.


Carmen Bugan – Life Without A Country (Nonfiction)

Author of four poetry collections, a memoir, and a critical study. She has a doctorate in English literature from Balliol College, Oxford University and has been a guest on current affairs and history programs on the BBCABCNPRThe Foreign Desk (Monocle, London).

Life Without a Country: Voices from the Cold War follows Bugan's internationally-praised memoir Burying the Typewriter: Childhood Under the Eye of the Secret Police. Weaving family biography, reportage, and travelogue about some of the harshest political prisons behind the Iron Curtain, where she walked into the rooms her father had been tortured nearly half a century ago with him at her side.


April Bulmer - Year Of The Dog: A Poet’s Journal (Poetry Memoir) 

A Canadian writer and author of Out of Darkness, Light (Hidden Brook Press, John B. Lee Signature Series, 2018). Her work often addresses issues pertaining to women and spirituality.

Year of the Dog: A Poet’s Journal is a memoir that represents a year in the life of award-winning Canadian poet April Bulmer.


Ann Chamberlin - Turtles All the Way Down (Fiction)
Author of nineteen published books, including a trilogy that spent almost a year on the Turkish bestseller list. She has also written many plays including JIHAD which won the best off-off Broadway new play of 1996. Ann Florence is credited for this photo.
Turtles All the Way Down is a novel that interweaves the conflicted life of Orit Nussbaum, an Israeli archaeologist in 1974, and that of the women found in the tale of Judges 19-21 that she is excavating to explore unity, justice, exploitation and the formation of myth.


Annie Christain - The Vanguards of Holography (Poetry)

An associate professor of composition and ESOL at SUNY Cobleskill and author of Tall As You Are Tall Between Them, published in 2016 by C&R Press.


Poems in The Vanguards of Holography explore themes of technological singularity, consciousness transfer, The Many Worlds Theory, cloning, conspiracy theories, race relations, LGBTQIA issues, and the Apocalypse.  ________________________________________________________________________

K. Eltinaé - Tirhal (Poetry)
A Sudanese poet of Nubian descent. His work has been translated into Arabic, Greek, Farsi, and Spanish.

Using a once-displaced voice and speaking through distance, the narrator of The Moral Judgement of Butterflies flutters through vast geographies of an ever-present exile. These poems recount experiences of survival in the wake of displacement, leaving room for the reader to step back and see how ephemeral life can be.


C.W Emerson - Luminous Body, Glittering Ash (Poetry) 

A winner of Poetry International’s 2018 C.P. Cavafy Poetry Prize and a 2020 Pushcart Prize nominee. Dr. Emerson lives in southern California and works as a clinical psychologist.


Luminous Body, Glittering Ash is a collection of contemporary lyric poetry about care-giving to friends and strangers in the era of HIV/AIDS, and the fragility of family.



Theo Greenblatt - Storage and Salvage (Memoir)

Past winner of The London Magazine's Short Story Competition. Theo teaches writing to aspiring officer candidates at the US Naval Academy Preparatory School.

Storage and Salvage is an ethnographic memoir about experimental education, counterculture family life, and coming of age in 1970s' Boston.


Carolyn Guinzio - (A) V(ERTIGO BOOK) (Poetry)  

Author of six collections, most recently How Much Of What Falls Will Be Left When It Gets To The Ground? (Tolsun, 2018).

(A) V(ertigo Book) is a collection of poems exploring personal, philosophical, linguistic and geographic borders.


Mary-Jane Holmes - Set a Crow to Catch a Crow (Micro/Flash Fiction)

An Anglo-Irish poet, she has won Bridport prize for poetry, the Reflex Fiction Prize 2019, the Mslexia Prize for flash Fiction (2018) and the Dromineer Fiction Prize amongst others.

Set a Crow to Catch a Crow is a collection of short-short stories spanning centuries, countries and a diverse array of landscapes both real and surreal. A woman becomes bait for a fly fisher and finds love, Rain, sits in her kitchen bemoaning the menopause, a retired farmer takes on a charging bull to find a new lease of life.


Karen Mulhallen - The Scent of Spring, Elegies Out of Season (Poetry)

A published author of 24 books including 18 books of poetry; her poems have been published in Bosnian, Turkish, Spanish, Italian and French. In addition to poetry, she has published numerous essays on the arts and culture.

The Scent of Spring, Elegies Out of Season interrogates the line between poetry and prose, based in news accounts, thirteen elegies explore tragedy and heroism world- wide, from the war-strewn streets of Mosul, to the refugees in the Mediterranean, to global environmental disasters, and the courage and indignities of aging.


Jeff Nottingham - Jasper’s Brood (Fiction)

A producer for a north London creative agency, Jeff has enjoyed some success with stage and screen, including winning the British Urban Film Festival’s screenwriting competition, and selling out the Notting Hill Tabernacle with his debut play Lost in Mozart.

Jasper's Brood is a psychological crime novel for anybody who loves Crime & Punishment with the addition of a few child assassins.


Holly Painter - At last, we listen closely: cryptic crossword poems (Poetry)

A teacher of writing and literature at the University of Vermont, she
lives with her wife and children in Vermont Her first book of poetry, Excerpts from a Natural History, was published by Titus Books in 2015.
At last, we listen closely: cryptic crossword poems invents a new form of solvable interlinked poems that recognize the inherent poetry of cryptic crosswords.

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