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Black Spring Books Now For Sale At Our Shop!

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In November 2017 we learnt of the sad passing of Robert Hastings - the owner of Black Spring Press. Since 1985, Black Spring Press has produced work by Nick Cave, Anaïs Nin, Charles Baudelaire, Kyril Bonfiglioli, Carolyn Cassady and Leonard Cohen, among many impressive others. Black Spring specialises in the contemporary, as well as breathing new life into neglected classics. We are delighted to have completed legal formalities in 2019 to connect Black Spring Press to Eyewear Publishing Ltd. and excited to be able to sell its wonderful books online here and in shops. Browse the collection here!

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BRILLIANT NEW NOVEL BY SAM MEEKINGS LAUNCHED AT THE LONDON REVIEW BOOKSHOP NOW ALSO A BRILLIANT AUDIOBOOK FROM B7 PRODUCTIONS: https://www.b7media.com/product/doctor-gachet/ The Afterlives of Doctor Gachet is a story about a painting, and the subject of a painting. It is a profound meditation on history, truth and storytelling... Who is that mournful man in the painting? The Afterlives of Doctor Gachet tells the story of Paul Ferdinand Gachet, the subject of one of Vincent van Gogh’s most famous portraits: one that shows what the artist called ‘the heartbroken expression of our times’. But what caused such heartbreak? This thrilling historical...

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With a prize now of 2000 pounds, and running since 2012, the Melita Hume Poetry Prize has become significant in the UK this decade for discovering and supporting emerging excellence - and its previous shortlists have showcased immense talent. This year's judge, novelist and poet, Colette Sensier (herself once a Hume runner-up), will be delightfully challenged to pick a winner from the 11 shortlisted debut poetry collections, noted below - all poets were 35 years of age or younger, and a citizen or resident of the UK and/or Ireland, at time of entry. Colette Sensier is a Brighton-born, London-based writer...

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On World Poetry Day We Announce Our Sexton Prize Winners!

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It is World Poetry Day 21 March, and we take this opportunity to announce the winners of our Sexton Poetry Prize, for the best unpublished poetry collection by an American poet. The prize is now $1,500 USD, and also comes with publication by Eyewear, and distribution in the UK, Ireland and the USA. Our past winners were selected by Don Share and Kimiko Hahn, and in our third year, our judge has been just as distinguished - Pulitzer-winning critic, the poet Professor Lloyd Schwartz. This year our judge has decided to select joint winners, who are happy to accept the...

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Eyewear Publishing Ltd is pleased to announce their acquisition of the significant indie press, Black Spring Press, founded and directed by Robert Hastings, and its entire list of titles. Since 1985, Black Spring Press has produced work by Orson Welles, Nick Cave, Anais Nin, Charles Baudelaire, Patrick Hamilton, Julian Maclaren-Ross, Alexander Baron, Carolyn Cassady, and Leonard Cohen, among other legends. Given Eyewear’s commitment to finding and publishing work by modern, avant-garde, and alternative writers and musicians, the fit is inspired. Sadly, Robert Hastings, the much-admired force behind the press, died in late 2017. Eyewear will continue the list he fostered...

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