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It only looks as if it hurts

The complete lyrics 1976–1990
By Howard Devoto

Few people have exerted such a unique influence in rock music as Howard Devoto. Lyricist and singer with the original Buzzcocks, he recorded with them one of the earliest and most influential punk records, the seminal Spiral Scratch EP, in 1976. After leaving the Buzzcocks he formed his own band, Magazine, who were promptly signed by Virgin and set about redrawing the map of new wave with their first album, Real Life. Devoto released a subsequent solo album, Jerky Versions of a Dream, and in 1986 formed Luxuria. The lyrics for both Luxuria albums are included here, as well as a number of Magazine rarities, plus lyrics written for performance with Bernard Saner. 

Howard Devoto – the man who introduced a new literacy not just into "punk" but into rock as a whole–remarkable lyrics: traditional, but poisonous to the usual pop-line clichés. - Paul Morley, New Musical Express

After songs like these, there really wasn't anything left to prove. - Adam Sweeting, Guardian

I would sooner read the lyrics of a song like "Motorcade" than a great deal of what passes for modern poetry. - D.J. Taylor, Modern Review

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