We love our books, but sometimes when the initial buzz calms down, a few of them end up unloved in a box in a warehouse. Wouldn’t it be better if someone read them, and made them feel loved again? Do you have a little time to spare for them?

Here at Eyewear we are committed to make sure that every book we ever printed has an audience. We are very aware that trees had to die to supply the paper they are printed on. Don’t let them have died in vain but help us on our mission: at least one reader to every book we ever printed… and if you love the book as much as we did, pass it on to a friend, a neighbour, the person next to you on the train. And then let us know what you thought, how much you think it’s worth, and we’ll refund you the difference up to 100%. No catch*.

* The small print: This spring special runs until 1st June 2019, all orders made from this collection within the promotion period are eligible for a 100% discount, excl. postage costs. Orders are limited to 3 (different) titles per customer, and only include titles published in 2017 and earlier. Eyewear Publishing Ltd. reserves the rights to discontinue this special offer at any time, honouring any orders made before closing. To claim your - partial - refund, email within 3 months of the purchasing date including the following information: 1. your order number, 2. your purchase date, 3. a brief review of the book(s), 4. how much you want to be refunded. We will refund up to 100% of the purchase price, excluding postage.