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The Glamour Junta

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The Glamour Junta




By Audrey Szasz

Audrey Szasz is the postmodern heir to the disarranged novels of Anna
Kavan and more closely, Ann Quin. The kinetic dopamine rush of her poetic prose succeeds in making The Glamour Junta into a streaming highway of colliding sensations partying with metaphors. You won’t forget Romilly Sass as protagonist, nor her author, in this novel of sustained brilliance. – Jeremy Reed

Audrey Szasz’s The Glamour Junta is funny and clever, a bracing immersion in the psyche of a compelling narrator. Szasz’s deadpan prose, channelling Ballard, Ellis and Coupland – gives us a post-crash, more-than- zero, Generation X for today’s beyond-fragmentation world. – Patrick Chapman

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