Author Testimonials

Richard Lieberman -  Author of two critically-acclaimed, award-winning, bestselling books. His work has been praised by the Washington Post, Book World, Library Journal, Publishers Weekly, Forbes and Booklist, and awarded a Society of Midland Authors Adult Nonfiction Honourable Mention.

We published his novel Bad Seed.

''Whoever said you can't tell a book by the cover was wrong when it comes to the books published by Eyewear Publishing. Eyewear’s poetry, fiction and nonfiction are excellent and elegant in literary content as well as cover design. In selecting a publisher for my third book (the first two were critically acclaimed bestsellers), I must admit that it was their gorgeous books that first caught my attention but ultimately it was the range and content of their catalogue that sealed the deal. One can pick up any of their books and find innovative, engaging writing by both established and new talent.

Eyewear was the very best midwife in bringing my book Bad Seed into the world. While I felt confident that my manuscript was ready for prime time when I
delivered it to Eyewear, publisher Todd Swift’s meticulous and insightful editing
greatly enhanced final version. And, as I had hoped, the cover design and
packaging of the book is beautiful.

The praise Bad Seed has received since it was issued (see media and reader
reviews on Amazon) would not have occurred without the reputation of Eyewear
as a first rate international publisher. I would certainly be honoured to work with Eyewear again.''


Michael A. Brown - Poet based in Cambridge and LGBTQ campaigner.

We published his third poetry book, Meet Me At The Harbour. 

"I’m absolutely delighted with my book. It is a dream come true. The cover is just what I imagined. I think the house style is wonderfully presented. I like how you have a very strong Eyewear style and clear brand. Thank you so much. Simple things like having the spine printed and little glasses really will make it stand out in bookstores. I really appreciate everything you and the team have done. I found Alex to be great to work with as well."


Jessica Mayhew - Winner of the Melita Hume Poetry Prize 2018. Her poetry, fiction and essays have been published in magazines including Ambit, Stand, Staple, Brittle Star, Magma, and The Interdisciplinary Literary Studies Journal.

We published two books of Jessica's books, Amok, and Longship.

''I'm still smiling from the fantastic Eyewear launch in London earlier this week. My editor, Alex, was so insightful in helping to bring my collection to print, and really took the time to make sure that I submitted the best version. Edwin Smet designed a beautiful cover for me, delving into the imagery of Norse mythology. Todd was on hand for guidance and encouragement at every stage. I am so proud of my finished Eyewear collection, 'Longship.' ''