2017 is not the time to blink

Hester Knibbe

Hester Knibbe is one of the most acclaimed contemporary poets in the Netherlands. The author of fifteen collections of poems and the recipient of numerous national awards, her most recent books include Oogsteen, a selected poems published in 2009 and Archaïsch de dieren (2014).

Sample poem from Hungerpots: 'Law'

Take water, evident, that feeds the seas
or wind that blows and turns apathetically,
the grass that grows and once again gets
mowed, or us, growing larger at first,
then shrinking wrinkling simplifying
to nothing: always changing. Or

more capriciously: you’ll get from A to Z, but then
—just about at J—suddenly fate stands
in your way and takes you off. Where to? 

The water shacked up with seas knows.
The wind that leaves no trace knows.
The grass stutters it out under the blade.


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