Barack Obama: Invisible Man

Barack Obama: Invisible Man

tells the story of how America lost

sight of a great president and tragically found a terrible one. It

is a provocative and informative cultural and literary look at the

life and political career of President Barack Obama. Inspired

by Ralph Ellison’s masterpiece, Invisible Man, it contends that

Obama’s historic status as first black president rendered the real

man and leader invisible to much of America. The genuine

figure of elegance and hope presented an opportunity for

American growth, but due to the loaded reality of race, that

opportunity was lost, and Donald Trump was able to take

power. This is an important new book about Barack Obama,

race, Trump, and American culture. It is unlike any other

interpretation of the Obama presidency.


David Masciotra is a

cultural columnist with

Salon. He is also the

author of Working On a

Dream: The Progressive

Political Vision of Bruce

Springsteen, Mellencamp:

American Troubadour, and a

forthcoming collection of

personal essays. He lives

with his wife and cats in

Indiana, where he teaches

writing and literature

courses at the university








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