Donkey See, Donkey Do

Daniel Roy Connelly

Donkey's descent to earth and meagre beginnings through his ascent to the pinnacle of British establishment. Donkey's satirical meanderings through society allow the author to bring his sharp yet absurd eye to questions of contemporary identity, British populist politics, cultural memory, and the everlasting Pons Asinorum.

Daniel Roy Connelly is an academic, actor and theatre director. His poetry has been published widely both in mainstream print and online; an autobiography, Extravagant Stranger: A Memoir, is forthcoming in July 2017 with Little Island Press. He is a professor of English literature and Theatre at John Cabot University and The American University of Rome

"Daniel Roy Connelly is a crackerjack fabulist with top-banana timing. His wordplay is infectious." - Helen Ivory

"Daniel Roy Connelly is one of the most strikingly original poets I ve heard in a while witty, keenly insightful, with a droll, pitch-perfect sense of timing, his poems feel like a refreshing wake-up call." - Naomi Shihab Nye

"a braying Orwellian stand-up parable utterly fitting for these current times of political apocalypse." - John Sexton

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