Ben Stainton

'The poems in this exciting pamphlet challenge as well as engage the reader in equal measure. There is humour, acerbic thought and political observation throughout. On the one hand the workis simply presented but, on reading each piece, the ideas within become deceptively complex, asking many questions of the reader. Here is an innovative poet with a refreshing angle on our world.' — Les Robinson

Ben Stainton's poems and art have appeared in TheNewerYork3am The Rialto and the Bloodaxe anthology Dear World and Everyone in it. His previous books are The Jealousies (BeWrite Books, 2008) and The Backlists (Knives Forks and Spoons Press, 2011). He posts collages at Hello, FigHe lives in rural Suffolk, England.

'Every page in Edibles is like a small serving plate, with the poems arranged as exquisite morsels - robust, spare and many-textured. The poet deploys shape and spacing to full effect, consistently pleasing the eye, and he spices his stanzas with bathos, sly asides and winning conceits all the way through. A convincing execution of the pamphlet as sophisticated tapas.' — Jon Stone

The Bayeux Tapestry (detail)

If you climb under the lights & get right up in its tabby-linen face
(probably not allowed), lick
Bishop Odo’s couched horse-buckle (definitely not allowed), then
zoom in on the licked portion
using a reasonably powerful microscope, past / future events unravel
like slow-motion cartoons––
Queen Bess taking a good long piss; some heretic’s liver mounted
on a pike; Cliff Richard ‘entertaining’
Wimbledon (1996); a shark preserved in formaldehyde. Lastly, the
museum authorities arresting you––
or is that someone else, camouflaged, wearing a sage green tunic? 




Part of Eyewear's 20/20 pamphlet series



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