Hauling Out

Samuel Tongue

The whale, both mysterious Leviathan and mammal hunted to near-extinction, provides the central metaphor running through Hauling-Out, a collection which poses the question: how far can humans
really know the world around us? In an exquisite series of poems, Samuel Tongue weaves together the voices of those who struggle to claim ownership over the natural world, from Adam to clay-pigeon shooters, subtly destabilizing our faith that human being extends over and beyond the material world. With a light touch and deft use of form belying their drive, these are not poems that provide answers; they are poems that undermine them.

Samuel Tongue grew up rural South Wales. He ventured briefly into ministerial training for the Anglican Church, before deciding to focus his PhD on poetic retellings of ‘Jacob wrestling the angel’, analysing biblical stories within contemporary culture. His poetry has been widely published in journals including Envoi, Magma and Gutter, and the anthologies Be The First to Like This: New Scottish Poetry and Best British and Irish Poets 2016. He held the Callan Gordon Award as part of the Scottish New Writers Awards 2013, and teaches Bible, Literature, and Culture at the University of Glasgow.

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