Montreal in 15 Chapters

By Robert Markland Smith

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Montreal in 15 Chapters is a compilation of stories taking place in Montreal, from the story of a translator in the Quebec government to the wanderings of a homeless person on the streets. Some of the spots mentioned now only exist in our memories, such as the Hawaiian Lounge, which was a bar for cross-dressers, or Parthenais Prison.


Robert Markland Smith is a seventy-one year old artist from Canada, raised in Ottawa and now living in Montreal. He completed a bachelor's degree in French literature and one year of graduate studies in linguistics and translation. He worked as a translator for forty years and published in mainland China, Australia, the United States, Italy, the United Kingdom and Canada. His two daughters are in their twenties and professionals. He has lived in Berkeley California, Colorado Springs Colorado and New York City. Robert Markland Smith loves describing offbeat characters in off-the-wall unusual settings and situations. Sometimes the main character is a woman, as in Peace that Passeth all Understanding. Mr Smith has been writing since 1965 because he loves reading so much that he wants to give this pleasure to other people.

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