Lusts of a Moron

The lyrics of Momus

Characterised by charm and a sardonic relish for the perverse, these highly individual songs are a startling antidote to the blandness of most pop lyrics. 

Momus is probably the most original voice operating in pop today…his private life may be something of a scandal, but more scandalous is that he's not fêted as a true pop genius on five continents. - New Musical Express

I've followed Momus for many years now…I wouldn't let him within fifty miles of my friends, my family or my pets…His words and music are bewildering and breathtaking and shocking in a way I find difficult to resist…until the Serious Crimes Squad lead him away with a blanket over his head, I'll carry on being stunned and stupefied by the things he sings. - Simon Armitage

Possibly the only truly subversive songwriter in Britain today… - Jonathan Romney

Designed and illustrated by Raphael Jimenez and Claudia Casagrande

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