2017 is not the time to blink

Membership of EYEWEAR BOOKS Visionary Club


Let's make a spectacle of ourselves....

As a small independent press, it’s our readers who keep us going - your passion, your comments and recommendations, and your loyalty.

Welcome to The Visionary Club.

As a Joining member, you receive any 5 Eyewear books free of charge, and an additional 50% off all Eyewear titles FOREVER.

That's a pretty good deal...

You'll ALSO be listed as a member on the illustrious Hall of Visionaries page on our website, and, if you wish to be, thanked in all our beautifully-published, innovative publications.

PLUS, we will also offer you a stylish, professionally-printed membership card, signalling you are a card-carrying member of surely one of the most eccentric, and yes, elite groups of book-loving readers anywhere....

As Shakespeare could not have written without the Earl of Southampton's protection, nor James Joyce without the help of Harriet Shaw Weaver, so do writers today need patrons to get their work out there. Will you step up and join this collective of visionaries in support of diverse and neglected voices?