2017 is not the time to blink

Night Journey

A hauntingly poetic evocation of English surrealism meeting the Movement style - so empirical wit combines with vividly rendered dreamscapes.

What makes Richard Lambert rare as a poet is the unshowy integrity which percolates
through his poetics. While others camp things up, he keeps them calm and true. There’s no
harrumphing, no ostentation, no display. Night Journey is a memorable, softly dynamic collection.

— Tim Liardet

One of the great pleasures of reading Richard Lambert’s poems is to find oneself in the presence of a writer who delights in surprising himself. He has the gift of being able to take small details of everyday life and assemble them into configurations that are often at once reassuringly familiar and
challengingly strange. There is also an attractive, lyrical tenderness about his way of looking at the world, kindly but firm and unsentimental, which I find particularly engaging.

— John Mole

About the author

Richard Lambert was born in London in 1971. He has a Ph.D in medieval history from the University of Bristol. His thesis was on the relationship of landscape to political and ecclesiastical power in thirteenth century France. In 2010 he received a distinction on the Creative Writing MA at UEA, the prose strand. He recently completed the novel he began at UEA, and lives in Norwich.