2017 is not the time to blink

Somewhere Near In The Dark

A refreshing new voice, Nicholas’ poetry is atmospheric and exact in form with an edginess that excites. Her images are wide ranging, from the domestic to the eerily intimate, with details that are close enough to touch.

Rachael M Nicholas is a poet living and working in Birmingham. Her work has appeared, in print and online, in issues of Magma, Gigantic Sequins, and The Cadaverine. She earned her MA in Creative Writing from the University of Birmingham. In 2012 she was a recipient of an Eric Gregory Award.

Rachael Nicholas’ poetry combines the beauty of a folktale with the heartbreak of a Dear John addressed to you alone. There’s a timeless quality to the on-kilter absurdity and the domestic disrupted by the sublime such that I felt I was reading an anthology of celebrated Middle European poems, and yet it’s a voice which cuts through to here and now – an urban landscape where we make our families and art installations: lowered by ropes onto a bed made of ropes. Insistent, pure, the life of the mind maintaining like a flower through concrete. This is a wonderful, urgent debut – LUKE KENNARD