The Psychiatrist

This collection contains 50 poems, written in the period from 1986 to 2011. They are about traumas of the past that lead to the tension between political idealism, motherhood and the shifting ground of modern social structure. It is a remarkable range of voices from the past and the future that speaks of a vision of a new social order. This collection is populated by haunting ghosts of disappointments of past human error and truths that prevail toward a better future.


Mariela Griffor is an editor, translator and poet. She was born in the city of Concepcion in southern Chile. She is the author of Exiliana (2007) and House (2007) and founder of Marick Press. Mariela holds an MFA in Creative Writing from New England College. Her forthcoming publications include the translations Canto General by Pablo Neruda (Tupelo Press, 2013), and Bye, have a good time! by Kristina Lugn.

Here is the distinct voice of a poet stepping forward from her double tradition of American and Latin- American poetry. – Håkan Sandell

Her most affecting lines are phrased simply, often with a vulnerable air, yet they are tough. These lines carry great weight: that is no small achievement. – Robin Fulton

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ISBN 978-1-908998-11-8 Published October 2013 Binding Hardback

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The Psychiatrist

If I remember correctly, I could not cry
until the baby was born. They wanted to shoot him.
I understood why Manuel Fernandez wanted
me to stay at the hospital after the birth.
I never told him anything about the group.
I could not trust him. I had to be strong
for my child. I needed to go the pump room
and leave my milk. You are suffering a postpartum
depression he told me before I shot him, like the many other
voices in my head.

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