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Jeremy Corbyn: Accidental Hero
Jeremy Corbyn: Accidental Hero

Jeremy Corbyn: Accidental Hero

Jeremy Corbyn, a man blessed with a rare blend of media appeal and civic respect, made headlines by becoming the unexpected favourite in the Labour leadership race while defending views mainstream politics thought it had expunged forever. Written by an expert on the subject and full of timely insight, this Brief Book For A Busy World will give you the handle you need as we watch history unfold.

...I’d thoroughly recommend reading this book for anyone who voted for Corbyn in the Labour leadership elections, anyone who is interested in politics, and anyone who is interested in making social and political change. Corbyn may have just unwittingly shaken our political system to its core, and this book is unbelievably helpful in understanding his significance in modern British politics YASMIN MANNAN for The Mancunion

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The Dangerous Book of Poetry For Planes

Mark Yakich 

Subversive, erotic, and sublime, The Dangerous Book of Poetry for Planes challenges the conventions of airplane reading. Family, faith, technology, celebrity—yes, they are here. But so too is sex as philanthropy, flight as weltschmerz, and grammar as the ultimate loneliness. In a world that often seems to have lost its affinity for wonder, Poetry for Planes reminds us that our greatest sense is our sense of wordplay.


'The Dangerous Book of Poetry for Planes is both crystal clear and unfathomable—its voices are both as familiar as a next door neighbor’s voice and as alien as a next door neighbor’s life, and the comforts the poems offer are impossible comforts: “I look down and feel / Like a weed // A wind slips through.” Poetry for Planes speaks to the impossible world the world has become.' – Shane McCrae

'Delightfully inappropriate, The Dangerous Book of Poetry for Planes explores the self within the sealed silver petri dish of an airplane—a tin can full of camp. It is a setting that, by its very lack of gravity, defies logic, and Yakich fills it with white hot jizz, cold red blood, tears of grief and rage, irrational calmness, and a God that exists at once beyond and within us.' – Jennifer L. Knox

'In The Dangerous Book of Poetry For Planes Mark Yakich keeps ungainly metal aloft with carefully tightened words. Following a formal progression from lyric rhymed couplets through concrete constructions and star-studded "blood chits" to ambient nonfiction, Yakich proves both his wit and his ferocity.' – Heather Christle