Flying Boy

By Andrew Bramwell

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Sam has a tough life. He is twelve years old and just started secondary school. He struggles with his work, has no real friends and has a difficult home life. Despite all this Sam is not a victim. He is philosophical, has strong inner resources and is very street wise. Yet he longs for something better, to escape. At his lowest point he is rescued by an Aunt in the north of England. An Aunt he knew nothing about and he determines to make a fresh start. Sam is a hero in every sense of the word.

Andrew Bramwell was born in Walsall and educated at St. Martin’s College, Lancaster and Keele University. He has spent many years working as a teacher and counsellor and now lives in the West Midlands.  The Flying Boy is his first venture in writing for young adults and follows the novel Karelia, poetry, children’s stories, and articles on education and literature.