Hungry Heart Roaming - An Odyssey Of Sorts

By Charles Moseley

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Hungry Heart Roaming meanders between two ‘in-between’ places. It leaves one beach at the turn of the tide, and a young boy with his grandmother,  and ends with a grandfather with another young boy, when the tide begins  to make, on another beach. In between it wanders through a lost and  perhaps more hopeful Europe before finally coming to brief peace in the  knowledge of a longer journey still to be made, and a recognition that to know is uncertain and to understand can only be partial. Remembering  with affection the ignorant and thoughtless visions of youth, the journey maps the loss of innocence and its replacement (perhaps) by something like understanding, and acceptance.

Charles Moseley grew up on the Lancashire coast, he moved to Cambridge to read English and never left.  His varied career includes being a  printer, a publisher and a peasant, but his main role is in teaching literature at the University of Cambridge. When not in the throes of teaching, Charles returns to the little Fenland  village where he has lived for a very long time.

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