Lana Del Rey: Her Life In 94 Songs

Lana Del Rey: Her Life In 94 Songs
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Covers Young Like Me / Rock Me StableFrom The EndSirensLana Del Ray (including Kill Kill EP) Born To DieParadiseUltraviolenceHoneymoon and more.

The controversial artist Lana Del Rey seemed to appear
fully-formed with her melancholy viral hit 'Video Games' - but the
story started long before. She had written and performed for many
years under many names with no fanfare. Each time she changed her
name, she was drawn inexorably closer to the finished product - a
synthesis of real life and fantasy - that we see now. In this
anatomy, F.A. Mannan considers everything that has gone into the
equation: the music, poetry and films but also the places and
experiences that allow the songs to communicate despite the media
circus around them. The guide considers the strange way the music
industry and press operate today, and the feedback loop between
these mechanical business processes and the creative act. The tense
gender politics and the blurry notions of authenticity that jut
awkwardly into Del Rey's faintly otherworldly image are all given
due consideration. This is the definitive treatment of Lana Del
Rey's work to date.

F.A. Mannan has a BA in Computer Science from
Cambridge and an MMus in Songwriting from Bath Spa. His thesis was
on academic notions of authenticity in Born To Die by Lana Del Rey.
From London, he has worked both as a software engineer and a sound engineer.

An indispensable guide to Lana Del Rey's songwriting that
considers the 20th century mythologies of popular culture. Mannan
articulates the impact of influence and provides social and
historical context for his subject. Recommended. - RICHARD J
PARFITT, Principal Lecturer and Course Leader for Popular Music,
Songwriting and Production at University of South Wales

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